Contradictory to Freedom

Contradictory to Freedom

December 24, 2007 at 12:00 a.m. | UPDATED: July 30, 2018 at 8:36 a.m.

Jim Hightower’s piece, “Keep your chip out of my arm” (Dec. 16), thankfully brings awareness to this issue. Cancerous RFID (radio frequency ID) tracking chips are being pushed upon humanity, blatantly contradictory to freedom.Currently, under the federal Real ID Act, state ID cards are scheduled to have RFIDs inside, a sort of de facto national ID, a poorly planned and unfounded federal mandate. Some states — South Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire and Montana — have rejected Real ID.The RFIDs Hightower discussed are implanted into private or federal employees and children of concerned parents. If successful, this endeavor will keep American citizens on an electronic leash. RFIDs make more tangible in reality the threat of Sandra Bullock’s character experience in her movie “The Net.”

The New World Order, one-world government, is the real issue, erasing the nation-state and turning humanity into more effective slaves. Eighty percent depopulation is part of the plan — United Nations originated, federally mandated policy outlined by war criminal all-star Henry Kissinger in National Security Memo 200. Makes you think about all the misery that persists in war (civil war included), illness, pollution, starvation and dehydration (or undrinkable water).

The elites of the world have much more control than anyone would like to admit. Either you’re for the fascism of scientific dictatorships or for freedom. Watch “Endgame: Blueprint of Global Enslavement” on Google Video to properly comprehend this threat. Also watch ‘”Loose Change: Final Cut” to know how Sept. 11 was an inside job.

Jason Robo


Particularly relevant today with the brink of civil war, the Real ID act coming into effect, Bill Gates discussing chipping and vaccinating the world, and the issues of “illness, pollution, starvation and dehydration (or undrinkable water).” all of which are allowed to persist globally while giving no attention to tangible ways to help people such as addressing health, inactivity, and detrimental diets. Without taking care of these issues any claims by government and corporations to care for human health are hollow.

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