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Miscellaneous things I encounter or ponder that relate to health, well-being,
politics, freedom, etc. (I have never blogged really, so figuring out this layout and whatnot, so this may not come out as orderly as I’d like at first)

Unpublished “My Word” to Eureka Times-Standaard in response to their “reporting” aka defamatory crap twisting my words out of context to make parent company Bank of America money off me via advertisers

Unpublished op-ed to San Diego Union0Triune in response to one-sided reporting on my public comment to the San Diego board of supervisors when I called the black public health office Wilma Wooten an Aunt Jemima for doing the bidding of white men such as Fauci, Gates, and Biden.

I’m racist, the news declares. I disagree. Hypocritically, authorities impose a new segregationist inferiority, vaxcism.

I tackle difficult subjects via comedy, transmuting knowledge to lighten up intimidating topics. I discuss obesity, not to take joy in it, but fight it. Our supervisors ignored months of rational public comments from doctors, nurses, parents, and vaccine injured pouring their hearts out in tears over COVID-19 policies. The SD supervisors are unresponsive and apathetic. Nathan Fletcher scorned participants on Twitter mid-meeting. Unsurprisingly comments became a spectacle for viewers.

I have numerous degrees and certifications: personal training (ACE), plant-based nutrition (Cornell), science of well-being (Yale), and a political science degree (HSU). I read books regularly. I wrote for HSU’s The Lumberjack and hosted a radio/TV/internet news program, “Unstacking the Deck.”

True science isn’t one-sided in favor of big pharma. They prefer us unhealthy. Focus on that. CDC notes 94% pre-existing conditions in COVID-19 deaths. 80% were Vitamin-D deficient, a crucial immune health component. Fear from media and social media heightens cortisol, compromising immune function. Lockdowns increased domestic violence and child abuse, normally reported by teachers.

Lifestyle is the biggest health threat. Bill Bryson wrote in The Body, that today “we are killed more often than not, by lifestyle.” I started playing this book pre-KMUD cancellation. The chapter “Medicine, good and bad” is incredible. Dr. Michael Greger, NYT best-selling author of “How Not To Die,” a nutrition and infectious disease expert, also agrees. KMUD censored my Greger interview as anti-mask/vax. He’s pro-vax explaining mask science non-dogmatically. Is being healthy forbidden? Greger notes animal factory farms promoters pandemics. Ironically consumers are animal-like, forcibly drugged for living unnaturally, dying horrifically.

This “alleged” pandemic demonstrates zero-risk bias, a minor threat obsession ignoring significant ones. The “pandemic” definition now discludes mass death and illness. Heart disease kills most, followed by cancer (WHO considers processed meat a carcinogen), accidents, respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimers, and diabetes. Medical error, iatrogenic, death ranks third. Vaccinating children with virtually 0 risk is insane. Those few hundred dead were severely ill. Pharma prioritizes promotion spending over R&D.

PCR test inventor Kary Mullis, a Nobel laureate, defies using his test for disease detection calling Fauci a fraudster. Reuters falsely fact checked, very COVID-1984. mRNA technology inventor, Dr. Robert Malone, opposes the vaccine. Nonetheless mandates persist pushing us towards Nazi Germany. Vaccine papers please?

This campaign for a 7 billion repeat customer base reminded me of Bill Hicks’ comedy bit asking marketers to kill themselves, inspiring me to urge supervisors resign from office, or existence. Wooten’s vaccine mandate promotion dishonors Tuskegee’s legacy, deadly human experiments on blacks. Welcome to Tuskegee 2.0, equality edition. Vaxcism ushers in a “whites only” variant, durable natural immunity is incomprehensible.

The slur “anti-vax” discredits dissenting medical freedom advocates. I want people healthy and happy. Some don’t. Those aware are understandably upset. I helped present the supervisors a documentary “Plandemic Indoctornation” ( Event 201, a coronavirus pandemic simulation including news coverage and unrest, occured five months prior. Clearly medical tyranny was preplanned, and those complicit are traitors.

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