Jason Robo is a “Racist” anti-vaxxer

Luckily I recorded on my phone and was able to fill in where my mic was cut.

A soundbite smear campaign

I’m racist, the media wants you to think that. Am I? My clothing is fairtrade/sweatshop free, I’m vegan, and I’ve fought against the bogus wars on drugs and terror horrifically impacting people of color globally. For ten years I’ve tried to transmute my ideals into comedy as a more palatable means to disarm difficult subject matter. The media doesn’t have your best interest in mind. A new “equitable” form of discrimination is being ushered in, vaxcism. This medical tyranny is an extreme for of disease discrimination the likes of Hitler used, who was a germaphobe. Jews were portrayed as spreading tuberculosis. I’m portrayed as a male Karen, while they impose a world of health-Karens who discriminate against medical freedom. Vaxcists want to divide us and our politicians ignore valid points made at months of meetings. Anti-vax is the new anti-black. I have multiple degrees and certificates in health and well-being to counter declining health in our increasingly unnatural world. Lockdowns have adversely affected human health, the jab is a joke. I studied political science like the Star Wars’ death star blueprint, not to create, but to destroy it. Instead of the “force”, I use the “farce.” My words are weapons, with only two minutes to make a point I will not apologize, surrender or compromise my sentiments about a black Benedict Arnold. She is charlatan, a sham, a fraud who violates her hypocratic oath by parroting big pharma’s agenda. This entire episode is a desperate move to discredit legitimate voices that are suppressed by twisting my words and ignore their context. Race is a construct to divide us while we are ruled by the power elite, as C Wright Mills called them.

The SD supes ignore alternative views that overwhelmingly oppose their votes. Public comment is tolerated as an illusion of democracy. I did not start my comment making racially charged remarks, despite this lie being promoted. I rehashed previous valid points that they perpetually ignore on how they’ve harmed health more than helped, and they are complicit is a global conspiracy to instituted medical tyranny. While crafting my two minutes a bit from comedian Bill Hicks came to mind about marketers telling them to kill themselves. Hicks said, “There’s no rationalisation for what you do and you are Satan’s little helpers.” After consulting with the county clerk I helped facilitate showing the SD supervisors the heavily banned documentary “Plandemic Indoctornation” (plandemicseries.com). They still voted for an obvious plot to impose premeditated planetary medical tyranny. Activist Matt Baker notably screamed about Nuremberg Code violations, a penalty for which includes death. Increasingly scathing comments are a natural evolution since they not just ignored, but belittled by chair Nathan Fletcher on Twitter mid-meeting. Most of the time they are looking down at phones and never respond to our questions or concerns. Many commenters are there with no hopes of changing the predetermined votes, but attend as a sort of rally, putting our resistance on record and in ways performing for our audience. Some say we are desperate for attention, and that may be true, in the sense of desperation for some semblance of a democratic process. Nonetheless our resistance is their adverse reaction.

For my comments I’ve resorted to making as many valid points, with a smattering of insults. I have repeatedly poked fun at Nora Vargas for her obesity suggesting she should keep her mask on during dinner, and that overweight people have a “fat chance of survival.” After asking the Democrats who dominate the board to kill themselves, I addressed Dr. Wilma Wooten for my first time. Wooten, a black public health officer who promotes an obvious echo of what I consider Tuskegee 2.0 equality edition is a traitor to her ethnicity. I’m not the first to critique her, Shaun Fredrickson calmly and rationally pointed out her lies. I called her an Aunt Jemima for doing the bidding of white men and throwing her own race under the bus. I wasn’t allowed to finish that point. The pandemic was pre-planned, literally at event 201, a dress rehearsal including faux news coverage using the same talking points we’ve heard during this alleged pandemic. Indoctornation also includes Bill Gates background, who was found guilty in a Peruvian court of creating the pandemic with George Soros and the Rockefeller family*. Instead of recognizing any of this I’m cancelled like a Louis CKKK. I am firm in assessment of Wooten, perhaps I could have called her a “medical mammy”, or black Benedict Arnold. Doing a sort of comedic comment live and streamed on multiple platforms is incredibly risky since I speak my mind and don’t have much for a filter. It is certainly the opposite of how comedian Dave Chappelle removes recording devices from his audience.

My accusations of racism are a petty item to attend to while ignoring the many alarming points myself and other advocates for medical freedom have made for months. Immediately I noted how poor of a state human health is in which compromises immunity and resistance to disease. Shut up, wear a mask, two weeks to flatten the curve. With my background in fitness and nutrition I am perpetually infuriated how the people who claim to care made the world sicker. Obesity, already a frightening issue, spiked during lockdowns. People lost their livelihoods, social lives, and already dismal levels of physical activity. The media is a 24-7 fear porn circus addicted to peoples attention and in bed with pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer is a common stock held by politicians.

Perhaps these opinions are relevant. Nobel Prize winning PCR test creator Kary Mullis stated not to use it for disease detection and that Fauci is scum. Reuters says this is false but there is video of an interview with Dr. Mercola. Or how Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA technology is against the vaccine. Or how heavily vaccinated countries have thriving outbreaks of COVID-19. Journalist Alex Berenson’s interview on the Joe Rogan Experience recently is an excellent resource. He was banned from Twitter for publishing government data and has a book coming out in a few weeks, Pandemia. How about that the virus appears to have originated in a Wuhan lab funded by Fauci, despite his initial denial. Another disturbing perspective is the overwhelming amounts of money spent on COVID-19 while we could have fed and given clean water to the world many times over.

The media is inherently disinterested in anything that conflicts with its on narrative. Only San Diego’s NBC 7 reporter Dana Griffin interviewed me. Not surprisingly, after composing myself rationally, making narrative crushing points, the interview was predictably censored. Luckily I asked fellow activist Audra Morgan to film the encounter. I believe since it failed to portray me as the unhinged Trump loving racist they were hoping for. Off-camera I told her my distrust of the press and posted that audio here. The media pretends they are moral, tell you how to think. They never cover any rational discourse to thee supervisors and only showed the medical freedom march, not antivax, since she was there for my story. Griffin also describing me as anti-vax, a term I’ve never used, and is on par with a racial slur for not parroting the narrative.

All that anyone has picked up on is my comment about having had a long-term relationship with a black girlfriend. However negatively this is received by some, she had told me to mention it after facing accusations of racism in the past. Apparently to the vile critics all this makes her is stupid for being with me? I also grew up in military housing with most of my friends being people of color. At times I was told to use the term “nigga” by black friends. I mentioned this anomaly when the topic arose in a zoom chat for the online comedy platform Rampantly. The following event before my set I was told to swear not to use such language and refused leading to a ban. My heritage as an Italian American includes similar treatment as the black experience, subject to lynching and even called “white niggers”. I also have a joke about how slavery never ended and that the 13th amendment, legalizing slavery if convicted of a crime, served as a sort of “niggerette” patch. I’ve performed these jokes in the presence of people of color and have never been attacked. White people have been the most sensitive ironically. Apparently nobody cares about Biden talking about “great negro.”

The fallout as a result of the misportrayal of my comments has caused me to lose my radio show of 7 years on KMUD. I have experience censorship, some shows interrupted mid-broadcast and barred me from reporting on public affairs about baseline health as “anti-vax and anti-mask” according to KMUD’s Public Affairs Coordinator, Tanya Horlick. KMUD didn’t even have the courtesy to inform me of Comedy for a Change’s cancellation. Times of San Diego journalist Ken Stone told me when seeking answers to a handful of loaded questions. He posted without my consent a comment “it gives me one less thing to do each week.” He is no different than his ilk Kevin Hoover who used an arrest from a misunderstanding with Humboldt County Sheriff, when I reported a violent hitchhiker, to smear me with personal attacks. Hoover was clearly critiqued for his “reporting” in 72 comments. Hoover was more than happy to pile on negative views about me for Stone.

Stone also falsely claimed I was drunk when a Roma Mia employee, who was arrested, attacked me and my vehicle on Halloween outside Mad House comedy club in downtown SD. Apparently several SDPD officers allowed me to drive drunk after the incident. Perhaps if he conducted actual journalism and got the police report he wouldn’t have printed this. Mad House owner Robert Lariviere claims I didn’t even perform there, even though I was second that night and didn’t even have a drink. The SDPD police report includes witness and fellow comedian, Jim Pine, who the suspect once approached with a baseball bat. Also Josh Kreps, club manager, was a witness. This is no surprise since the majority I’ve socialized with would rather lie and cower to the media than fight for free speech or defend my character.

Amy Reichert, a leader of Reopen San Diego, falsely claims that she doesn’t know me and that I’m not even a subscriber to the e-mail list. Of course I found this out in my e-mail, being a subscriber. I have her card*, she has hugged me, and I’ve been a regular at the Reopen SD healthcare worker meetings. They have also stated we should do an adults only event, since my material is capable of being toned down, is a bit too intense for Amy’s taste. My picture has been included in the newsletter repeatedly, even with Reopen SD founder Alysson Hartmann.* I don’t expect everyone to echo my exact sentiments about Wooten, but I am disappointed they would lie to protect the image of a movement that has gone nowhere. There is an illusion some activists that if doing things perfectly then everything will work out.

Reopen San Diego healthcare workers meetup, I’m in the back row. This image was sent out in the newsletter.

Now the narrative has adversely affected my brother, who is married and has a one-year old daughter, who may lose his job. We don’t talk much but I know he was not interested in the so-called covid-19 vaccine that still allows infection and transmission. My brother is a sports buff and carnivore, so we don’t have much in common. Currently I’m accosted by death threats in addition to being banned from performing at venues. Nathan Donovan, host of the Tuesday open mic at The American Comedy Co, messaged me hoping for a clip to help with a roast I’m not even invited to attend.

By the way, as far as pandemic prevention is concerned I discussed treatment of animals in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) at my first public comment to the SD supes. At that meeting the SD supes declared alternative views on COVID-19 a public health threat and misinformation. In my Dr. Michael Greger interview, banned by KMUD’s Horlick, he admits we shouldn’t rely on vaccinating our way out of shooting ourselves in the foot.* As far as concern for human health I note the coronavirus is a zero-risk bias while heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc are a bigger threat statistically. Pre-existing conditions worsened by the lockdowns, undeniably causing more harm than good as was my intial point before my suggestions for the supervisors resignation and suicide.

I am not part of any particular group and speak for myself. This has resulted in previous misadventures in cancel culture. I was fired from firedancing with Circus of the Elements over my FB posts about topics like obesity as a bigger threat than covid-19. As for discussing the complexities of race I was banned from online comedy platform Rampantly for a comment in a Zoom chat, not even a comedy set, that I had black friends who taught me to say “nigga”. Founder Joli Reichel apparently couldn’t help but piggyback on my press falsely saying I violated a policy on hate speech. What happened is after the chat allegedly upset some I was asked to swear to never use certain words in my set and declined to do so telling. My long-term black girlfriend at the time suggested I say “nigga” repeatedly before they cut me off. She also has said I should tell people about our relationship in face of accusations of racism, despite the taboo of how adversely this is received. But she didn’t vote for Biden, so according to him she isn’t black after all.

I know I am not alone. I have friends, many who are people of color, that do not find my opinions and comedy distasteful. Due to the vile style of the bloodthirsty media I am happy that some are willing to stand with me. Despite my wide range of touchy comedic subjects most would be surprised that some of my friends are obese, some have taken the jab. They know I’m not racist, in believing inferiority based on skin color. The press makes money from clicks, and as Matt Tiabbi wrote in his book “Hate, Inc.” they want us to treat others dissenting opinions as being Hitlers. My censored NBC interview with Dana Griffin was not aired since I was too rational about how I’m nonpartisan and judge people’s character, not skin color. I did call VP Kamala Harris a White House Negro on FB/Twitter some time ago. Oddly my Twitter, which I barely used until this incident, was just locked for “abuse and harassment” calling foods like the Impossible Burger “meat masturbation. Another tweet quoting the Bill Hicks’ bit on marketers committing suicide was flagged. Deleting the posts is an “admission of guilt” but after a week of my appeal going nowhere I reluctantly deleted them to defend myself, and of course experience more death threats. Oddly those posts are OK.

Asides the death threats some say they feel bad for my dog, Yarnbi. He is a reflection of my discipline and integrity. He is a spectacular creature that had his own 15 minutes of fame for throwing his own toy to himself. He is better behaved than most people. He likely would have been owned by some mediocre couch potato and been obese like most Americans, likely suffering from doggy diabetes.

As far as my candidacy for city council in Blue Lake in 2020 I was motivated to actually fight for human health, not masks and midlemanning vaccines for big pharma. I only lost by a few dozen votes. The Young Turks Dr. Rashid Richey considers me a “failed politician,” among other false claims in his hit piece. Campaigning was pretty hard, being that going door to door might provoke a reaction that a biohazard is assaulting peoples domicile. I thought about getting an extended door knocker and would have gone back if I could to do that. A rival non-encumbent candidate, Olivia Obidah-Dunn, said the local powers that be endorsed her to take the only open seat. The two incumbents stayed in power and are part of an unofficial group called the “Ladies of the Lake” who are the political undercurrent of town. The LA Times covered our one time all female council in which they jokes men are useful for manual labor. My impression is a women of color gives the illusion of diversity, but she seemed already groomed in the economic development committee to be friendly to their interests. The husbands of the Ladies of the Lake are called “The Old Crows.” I was told an e-mail came out saying to vote for her and to look me up online having a bad web presence, no thanks to Kevin Hoover. There was also zero press coverage for our election. I’m the only candidate who wrote a statement, published an op-ed and had a stump speech posted on YouTube. Against all odds I’m pretty happy with the results and some talking headcase can’t undermine that.

A former activist at Humboldt State, my political career was annihilated when I was illegally removed from a student body presidential election in 2008 I may have won.* Ironically I was quoted when I dove into activism, “you go against certain ideology and you’re going to get fired or stopped.” A kangaroo court proceeding from President Rollin Richmond’s administration declared me ineligible during voting. Convenient since I was a scathing critique of his admnistration and he likely would have had a stroke meeting with me once a week. During dissent from the student body, public relations officer Paul Mann whispered into the student body manager Joan Tyson’s ear. She then advised election commission chair Keith Lambert to shut down discussion and redo the election without me. I captured this on video. Two elections later fourth place write-in candidate, a compliant puppet, Sofia Periera, “won.”

She is now Humboldt County’s public health officer. Periera, a communication major, now holds another office I’m more qualified and deserving of. I also experienced censorship among activists against tuition hikes. My signs about the student loan industry as the chief beneficiary were destroyed. Within weeks Sallie Mae landed in the news for my suspected scandal. My political experience is a joke, comedy was my evolution. My use of words, which cut like swords, left people laughing so hard I’d have to pause to continue my rants. Use of HSU’s free speech zone/cage, one-hour five days a week, was later limited further in response to my usage. It is no surprise that the SD Board of Supervisors, who disregard dissent to their predetermined agendas, may limit the formality of dissent to a shorter time span. As a result of my roast they limited public comment and can finish doing their “business”, crapping on the people, quicker.

Speaking of crapping on people, Ken Stone seems to be trying his best to make me sound crazy. I was interviewed 20 years ago after winning an award for best match from Volunteers in Parole and the SD Reader reporter Jangchup Phelgyal asked to profile me. This was my first experience with the press and it was eye-opening how negative it was when I was very open about my past. Phelgyal even compared me to a pedophile protagonist in the book “Disgrace” described as a “poor dog had begun to hate its own nature.” He also claimed I’m “clearly and achingly vulnerable.” Honestly is such a digrace I suppose I need a separate post just to handle it. This is exactly why I filmed my recent NBC interview.

In VIP lawyer mentors are paired with at risk youth. At 17 I was transferred to the California system from Massachusetts where I lived with my grandma after my grandpa passed. I got in trouble for grand theft auto, driving without a license (though I had one from Virginia), being out past curfew, possession of cannabis, and a bench warrant. Nobody informed me charges were pressed or when my court date was. Basically I was visiting my girlfriend 45 minutes away over night. We are still friends to this day. A similar trick was pulled before. After McDonald’s, my father took me to court for an errand, his traffic ticket allegedly. “The Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Jason Robo,” was certainly a shock to me. I was charged with assault and battery on my brother and put in the system using a bruise I honestly think was from my two younger brothers fighting. I’ve always been resistant to authority. With what I learned about the educational system from John Taylor Gatto I have closure about my tumultuous youth. For instance the Old Dominion gifted school I attended in Virginia consider me a scientist when experimenting with fire during recess with other students. I’d be considered practically a terrorist in public school today. Also the pharmaceutical industry moved into children’s mental health like they are our immune systems. This scandal is clear in documentaries like “Big Bucks, Big Pharma,” “Prescription Thugs,” and “The Medicated Child.”

In closing I’m not backing down from my sentiments. The response to covid-19 is corrupt, acts in contradiction to human health, and if a black woman is doing the bidding for Bill Gates then screw her. If you are offended by my remarks I encourage you to listen to them in their entirety,* not the soundbite 90 seconds in, and realize my priority is the greater threat to all of us, vaxcism. I just performed headlining a small private festival and was well received addressing my getting “cancelled”. I have a decent chunk of savings and loyal clients to sustain me. Those unwilling to see my side particularly if you are a Democrat and vaccinated. Nonetheless I hope some people would consider the paradox in public health policy regarding COVID-19 and see the red flags instead of drinking the Covid-Kool-Aid. I would argue if compared to the average person I’ve done more than most to avoid oppressing other living beings. My use of the term “Aunt Jemima” was to invoke not the inferiority of Dr. Wooten’s skin, but the content of her character contrasted with the historic legacy of human experimentation as in conflict with the interests of the black community. I see her like the head house negro Stephen in Django, instead of Mr. Candy her master is Bill Gates and big pharma. I regret my words have been twisted by the media to make the rather unabated oppression of black folks seem worse while fighting for the medical tyranny that threatens us all. United we stand, covided we fall.

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