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2007 filming HSU’s university police while trying to protest a meeting canceled allegedly from a stink-bomb threat. We noticed being filmed from the shadows of a nearby building. I was running to Legislative VP then. Unusual rumors that I was climbing the administrative offices like Spider Man were part of the aftermath. I inquired with the president’s secretary about the meting and stink bomb threat. They oddly feigned ignorance of the whole thing which I have on video (I will post this shortly). The office was locked securely too following a Native American Studies sit-in protest

Multimedia collection

This page will contain various media I have produced from interviews for my radio show Comedy for a Change to playlists on Spotify, activism speeches to my TV News Show Unstacking The Deck on Access Humboldt (2010-2013), and more.

Great humorous discussion with the legendary Merlin Tuttle aired on my radio show Comedy for a Change on KMUD. Bats have had a bad wrap like a poorly constructed burrito.
Not a bad satirical satirical statement that I wrote an hour or so before the meeting after brushing up on some William McKinley history.
I asked about the absence of prevention from the healthcare issue and rotten money as a root issue. My question was dodged, not allowed to finish. This is despite being the only one discussing the issue after Congressman Mike Thompson asked the audience to not just tell sob stories about personal medical issues. They also asked for young people which they avoided afterwards, being that the questioner before me was a US Marine veteran that advocated cannabis legalization as part of the solution.
Obviously the SWRCB chair did not like my comment as he interrupted numerous times during my allotted two minutes. One board member was eating butterscotch candies and sleeping while local indigenous peoples poured their hearts out asking they chime in on dam removal. They declined to do so and deferred to FERC without any input.
Speaking about compromise, not fear based policy, pertaining to cannabis growing in Arcata. I mined this from a city council meeting referenced in a news clipping.

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