Jason Robo, CPT

Hi, I’m Jason Robo, and the only thing I enjoy more than learning unusual things is applying that knowledge in a way that helps make a better world. I have an unusual way of looking at and wording things. When I become aware of something it changes my course of actions.

This is why I studied political science at Humboldt State University. I originally wanted to study psychology to help people at odds with a world that is rather full of nonsense. Learning political science was an attempt to understand damaging systems I liken to the blueprint of the deathstar in Star Wars. To further perfect my ability to contribute to a better world I have also earned certifications in personal training (American Council on Exercise), Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell), and The Science of Well-Being (Yale).

I got involved in activism and tried to start a revolution during my college days. Being a big picture thinker I regularly noted the interrelated nature of access to education in contrast to the costly war on drugs and terror. I’ve been a leader of multiple highly active clubs, elected chair of student government, and served as a senator on the faculty’s academic senate. My election was a historic turnout and a landslide victory against Alan Chesbro, son of CA Senator and Assemblyman Wes Chesbro. In effort to inform my community I have hosted documentary screenings, authors, and professors.

Despite my best efforts I was ultimately declared “ineligible” to hold any office on campus during a possible election to student body president. I was also unable to even sit on any committee or remain an officer in any clubs. A summary of my experience is in the works here complete with news-clippings, video, and other documentation. I then focused on journalism writing for the school paper, The LumberJack, and hosted various radio shows on KRFH. One show, Unstacking the Deck, was later turned into a TV show.

After graduating I transitioned into journalism and standup comedy. I’ve contributed though-provoking informative comedy hosting a show on KMUD five years, informative trivia nights, and a news program Unstacking the Deck on Access Humboldt with a fellow political science colleague Kyle Beattie.

I recalled the laughs my rants could generate during my contributions to campus dialogue at the one hour a day five days a week “free speech zone.” My ideas and the information I’ve brought to the table have been both appreciated and also despised. I’ve tried to focus on humor which is not always received well as the wildy successful comedians Bill Burr, Joe Rogan, Jim Norton, and Doug Stanhope can attest. My unusual views have upset people over the years and I look back through my life to see many times a negative reaction has resulted with various injustices. I have an assassinated great-grandfather in my ancestry. Before being elected mayor in a small mining town, Trinidad Colorado, he was shot in the head by Capone’s men. I will later feature an entry here of my life experiences in cancel culture. I try to find humor in any topic.

The issues I was concerned with in my activism have unfortunately worsened in the past decade so I’ve decided to get involved in government again focusing on the importance of local institutions. I am disappointed and suspicious that the government response has done nothing to counteract the pre-existing conditions that make people most susceptible to COVID-19. Lockdowns have worsened basic human needs paradoxically not just suffocating small business but further depriving already dismal levels of physical activity, social life, and sunlight creating vitamin D (a key immune system component). Cloth masks are not a panacea. When it comes to curing our woes listening to government is like trying to cure a urinary tract infection by listening to the band The Cranberries. During the pandemic my 97-year old grandmother Frances Larson died from COVID-19 in a nursing home a week before my birthday.

Singing for the Navy Band in 1993 I think

I am part of a three generation US Navy family with a brother stationed overseas. His ship went out to sea when the pandemic lockdowns started. My first performance was singing at a Navy Band event. I grew up with friends who were rarely white, most were Puerto Rican, Filipino, Black, etc. As a result of proximity to “people of color” I’ve regularly been pulled over so police could harass my passengers. I was not even asked for my license or registration while my friends were asked if they had ever been arrested. I vigorously attempted to defend my friends and fortunately have never lost anyone during these incidents. I call these experiences “second-hand racism”, like cigarettes it isn’t as bad for you, but can get you killed. One incident we were reported to have guns and instead of leaving the scene I wisely chose to stay put in plain view rather than risk being pulled over. After suffering substantial persecution for my opinions at HSU one African-American student told me, “I think you have some idea what it is like to be black.” He was unaware of my previous experience with second-hand racism.

Regarding our crises with civil unrest, elections, policing, and pandemic I have read various books and followed relevant podcasts. I hope to apply this knowledge in innovative ways to help my community. Local government and media are more important than ever so that will be my focus politically while continuing to create artistic content. If anyone has an issue with me I hope they can communicate with me and find our common ground since the divisive atmosphere seems to be tearing society apart.

Flyer I designed for my first club at San Diego Community College, Miramar Campus.
Miramar is where I got my Associate’s Degree.


Personal Trainer, Comedian, Firedancer, Radio DJ


Juniperro Serra High School, San Diego, CA

Associates Degree Transfer Studies 2006 San Diego Community College District – Miramar

Humboldt State University BA Political Science


American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer

CPR/AED & First Aid

The Science of Well-Being (Yale University)

HAM Radio technician and general license course (In progress)

Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell University)

Conferences and Seminars:

Gut Health Summit 2020

Dr. Michael Greger’s Webinar The Human Health Implications of Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat for Pandemic Prevention and Climate Mitigation

Dr. Michael Greger’s Webinar: How Effective are Statins and Stents?


Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce

California National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Save the Redwoods League

Northcoast Environmental Center

KMUD Redwood Community Radio

Friends of the Dunes

California Native Plant Society

Humboldt Baykeeper

Environmental Protection Information Center: EPIC


Vice President – Be Healthy Club 05-06 SDCCD-Miramar

President – Political Society

External Affairs Representative HSU-Associated Students 06-07

Sexual Assault Prevention Committee HSU 06-07

International Programs Screening Committee HSU 06-07

Diversity Action Plan Committee HSU 06-07

Legislative Affairs VP – HSU-National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws 06-07

Legislative Vice President HSU-AS 07-08

President- HSU-NORML 07-08

HSU Academic Senate HSU 07-08


Homer Balabanis Economics Scholarship 2008

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