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Here are stories I wrote or was the subject of, often misportrayed by what I call the lamestream media. I try to thoroughly document all sources here. I may not have known the best strategy to do the right thing, but I certainly have not deserved to be lied about for promoting unpopular views. I have tried to learn from my experiences, but will not back down from presenting the realities that are swept under the rug to preserve insanity and injustice.

Frame from SD Supervisors meeting
Jason Robo is “Racist”

A comprehensive retort to the media’s portrayal of me as a racist using soundbite from my public comment to the SD supervisors on 2021/11/02. Everything rational stated for months about how covid-19 policies cause more harm than good is ignored until the supes get triggered for criticizing the medical mammy Dr. Wilma Wooten. She is doing the elite’s bidding and violates her Hippocratic oath by parroting CDC and big pharma propaganda.

Damn Those Dams

I was happy to see this article I wrote archived elsewhere. The Lumberjack, Humboldt State University’s school paper does its hosting with the College News Network last I checked. It is owned by Viacom and “revamps” the site every few years hobbling any institutional memory. Here is a public comment I made as an external affairs representative to the State Water Resource Control Board on the impact on indigenous peoples of deadly toxic algae from dams on the Klamath River.

Bicycle arrest from bogus concealed weapon charges and dismissal

After reporting a threat to the community I was unjustly arrested by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office. Anyone with a brain and heart can see that I was the victim. I was burdened by absurd charges based on a falsified police report. All charges were eventually dismissed. Vindictive highly inaccurate media coverage from Kevin Hoover of the then Arcata Eye made this a never-ending terrible experience. Hoover’s article “Robo Arrested on Concealed Weapon Charge” shows up in my top Google search results for my name (which is why you should use DuckDuckGo). This article was migrated to his new paper the Mad River Union despite various other articles he wrote not appearing there. This is despite being wildly inaccurate and heavily critiqued in the 72 comments. The article was used to portray me as a felon recently by a friend’s ex-husband in a child custody battle. So as I said, never-ending.

The experience cost me eight days in jail, about $1,000 in bail, and an unpleasant emotional roller coaster. My 911 call conveniently disappeared. It was alleged that my 4 inch blade open-carry knife was concealed in my butt aka the small of my back with an oversized jacket. I had a US Marine combat veteran willing to confront the officer’s account on the odd claim of where I kept my blade. The picture above is the same clothing I wore that night short of the actual knife which was still in evidence at the time. Here is the full story, court documents and all.

Contradictory to Freedom

Letter to the Editor for the Times-Standard responding to a Jim Hightower article about microchipping people. I discuss the concepts of civil war, depopulation, and basic issues of human health that are perpetually neglected despite supposed efforts to protect human health. Sadly the content of this piece are becoming more of a reality every day.

The shirt I was arrested in, despite the news coverage claims it had Hitler. I can see how they can confuse the two though 🙂 Sort of a Rorschach test it seems.
The 9/11 Truth Sticker Arrest

In 2008 I was arrested for an act of free speech after placing stickers questioning the US government’s official story of the September 11th terrorist attacks on Delta Flight 1165 and in Boston’s Logan International Airport terminal. The charges of disorderly conduct were dismissed after a legal battle. I’m not the only one skeptical of the official narrative as the victims families have a series of unanswered questions about the events on 9/11/2001. The case was based on a series of bogus police and outrageous news reports followed falsely claiming I was yelling, ran off the plane, had Hitler on my shirt, and said the stickers were a joke. My dismissal was reached with the pro-bono help of lawyer Jeffrey Wiesner. Wiesner who later represented the “Obama Hope” artist, Shepard Fairey.

Disorderly conduct cannot be used to suppress free speech. Wiesner wrote in the dismissal,”The alleged placement of the stickers by the defendant in this case is activity that clearly would implicate the First Amendment and render prosecution under the hazardous condition prong of the statute untenable. There is no question the stickers at issue contained a political message and referred the reader to a website. There can be no doubt that their placement was protected activity insulating the defendant from prosecution for disorderly conduct.”

My lawyer also argued the hazardous condition component of disorderly conduct was also not even an issue, “No reasonable interpretation of the stickers could conclude it constituted a ‘real threat’ (or any semblance of a threat) because it certainly could not be said to have targeted any individual with the intention to place him or her in fear.”

The stickers were handwritten messages questioning the official story of 9/11/2001 and directing readers to various website. was one site belonging to Alex Jones and I was a guest on his show to tell my side of the story. The story from the Boston Globe later removed, or Orwelled, the reference to Jones’ site.

Student Government at Humboldt State

I served in various committees and was the chair of student government at Humboldt State University. Running against the son of Wes Chesbro I was elected in a landslide to a position as Legislative Affairs VP and Chair “Student gets involved” was a headline as I dove into campus politics. A quote of my own words is highlighted in that article, “You go against a certain ideology you are going to get fired or stopped.”

Eventually I was unjustly removed from an elected position as Legislative Affairs VP and Chair of the student government. The Redwood ACLU decried the whole affair. This served to benefit the administration and relied on the complicity of self-serving student government members and various instances of administrative meddling. This happened after the AS president Terra Rentz stacked the deck of the council with her appointees and attempts to control me simply trying to represent the interests by which I was elected. At the time I was also running for student body president.

I was removed from the Spring 2008 election in the middle of the three day voting period. This was soon after, a kangaroo court administrative hearing deemed me ineligible to hold any office. This administrative overreach was based on a failure of the network administrator and also interference in Associated Students affairs, which is supposed to be it’s own entity.

My votes were removed from the count, but after using the unedited total was able to determine I should have been in a run-off election with Luke Ferrari. Ferrari initiated a complaint with the AS Elections Commission. The local chapter of the League of Women Voters offered to ensure fairly run elections, but not taken up on this. The election complaint resulted in a hearing was oddly crammed into a small room where dissent from some students was heard. Despite deserving an opportunity to appeal my supposed ineligibility, questionable on many grounds, the runoff election should have taken place. I caught on video how the complaint was silenced after administrative public relations official Paul Mann blatantly directed the meeting after some whispering before abruptly leaving. . A second election with my removed from the ballot was initiated. Ultimately three elections were held and Ferrari was not the victor. This is the story of my time in campus politics.

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