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I am a certified personal trainer that also studied political science and economics at Humboldt State University. My recent certifications are in The Science of Well-Being (Yale U) and Plant-Based Nutrition) Cornell University). Learn more about my background in my Biio.

Pandemics, policing, economics, and city planning are among the topics of books that I have read. In the Help Yourself page you can see some of the books, documentaries and other resources I find insightful for better interpreting the world. I would like to do some sort of reviews for this content if I have the time. Most of the photography is my own.

Mini stump speech below from my effort to win a seat on Blue Lake’s City Council. Cheers.

Ironing out some points in a wrinkly shirt. From my run for office in the Blue Lake City council in 2020 during the pandemic. I lost by a few dozen votes.
Meditating in the forest

In addition to the trajectory of economic development I hope to see wellness-oriented practices promoted in the businesses blossoming in Blue Lake. Since graduating HSU I’ve been certified in plant-based nutrition (Cornell U), personal training (American Council on Exercise), and well-being (Yale U). Transformational addiction recovery is in progress now from Being True To You.

City Planning

Jane Jacob’s “The Life and Death of Great American Cities” will serve as a foundation guiding my views on Blue Lake’s development. Wider sidewalks and parks combined with diverse use are among some of the important concepts I hope can enrich our future.

Speaking on the Academic Senate in 2008

I studied political science at Humboldt State University also falling short of a double-major in economics. I wrote for the school paper The Lumberjack and hosted radio shows on KRFH. At HSU I’ve been a leader of multiple highly active clubs, elected chair of student government, and served as a senator on the faculty’s academic senate. I express myself via stand-up comedy after years of prior public speaking experience.

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