Jason Robo

Well-Being Advocate

“We are killed more often than not, by lifestyle.” -Bill Bryson “The Body”

I am certified in personal training, the Science of Well-being” (Yale), Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell), and have a degree in political science Humboldt State University. Learn more about my background in my Bio and check out My Stories to learn about the absurdities I’ve experienced. I pivoted from activism to comedy in effort to provoke thinking differently and make heavy subjects more palatable.

In the Help Yourself page you can see some of the books, documentaries and other resources I find insightful for better interpreting the world. I would like to do some sort of reviews for this content. Most of the photography is my own.

Meditating in the forest

In addition to the trajectory of economic development I hope to see wellness-oriented practices promoted in the businesses blossoming in Blue Lake. Since graduating HSU I’ve been certified in plant-based nutrition (Cornell U), personal training (American Council on Exercise), and well-being (Yale U). Transformational addiction recovery is in progress now from Being True To You.

City Planning

Jane Jacob’s “The Life and Death of Great American Cities” will serve as a foundation guiding my views on Blue Lake’s development. Wider sidewalks and parks combined with diverse use are among some of the important concepts I hope can enrich our future.

Speaking on the Academic Senate in 2008

I studied political science at Humboldt State University also falling short of a double-major in economics. I wrote for the school paper The Lumberjack and hosted radio shows on KRFH. At HSU I’ve been a leader of multiple highly active clubs, elected chair of student government, and served as a senator on the faculty’s academic senate. I express myself via stand-up comedy after years of prior public speaking experience.