Half Heeler, Half JRT, 100% Awesome

As seen in yahoo! and ABC, Yarnbi is from McKinleyville, CA. This half Jack Russell and half Blue Heeler provides critical support for the revolution. It isn’t too “ruff” eating plant-based from Natural Balance’s kibble and canned food with some organic meat treats (mainly Newman’s Own). He also drinks filtered water. He is ten years old as of November 2021. Yarnbi has performed up to a half hour show for kids a festivals, entertaining and teaching discipline for one self as well as for one’s pet. He was also featured in ABC for throwing and catching his own toy and Yahoo! for playing his coffee table magazine rack game rolling his ball to himself.

A vid from “Crow’s Corner” on Hatchery and Railroad that was picked up by ABC and other clips like attacking snowmen in Snow Camp. So Yarnbi is our local canine celebrity.


Tug of war after a fortuitous frisbee toss by himself onto the trailer hitch.
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