Unstacking the Deck

Unstacking the Deck was originally a radio show I created on KRFH as a student at Humboldt State University. After graduation I teamed up with fellow political science graduate Kyle Beattie who is currently a doctoral candidate in political science. We had thematic episodes on topics such as the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, the media monopoly, the false-left-right paradigm, censorship, the military industrial complex, environmentalism. Some of our guests were:

Deep politics views on current events featuring interviews, books, documentaries, etc

Past shows Guests

9/11/2001 w/ Gregg Roberts

Roberts discusses co-authoring a scientific journal article on nanothermite found in WTC dust. Our first episode so it is pretty rugged. We hoped to greenscreen it.

Media Monopoly w/ Joe Shermis

Joe Shermis once was in charge of a local publication “The Steelhead Special” and joined us to discuss the state of the media.

False left-right paradigm w/ David Cobb

We discuss the issue with the two-party system. Cobb was the 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate and founder of Move To Amend in effort to get money out of politics and dethrone corporations from being treated as “people”

The Environment w/ Mark Serati

Mark Serati is a Navy veteran that later worked for a military contractor. He helped save lives as a whistleblower regarding human experimentation and desert camo components in production prior to the war on terror.

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